By Jonathan Easley, The Hill


Hillary Clinton appears to be getting a bump in the polls after Monday's presidential debate in which she was widely hailed as the winner against Donald Trump.

Post-debate surveys show the 80 million viewers who tuned in largely believe that Clinton got the best of Trump, and early returns show that sentiment is filtering into the national horse-race polls and the surveys of battleground states.

Pollsters caution that it’s still too early to draw definitive conclusions about the long-term impact of the debate, and note the movement in Clinton’s direction has been modest.

But data experts say the Democratic contender has at the very least reestablished herself as the front-runner after the race had tightened almost to the point of a toss-up.

They expect that the media reaction to the debate, coupled with Trump’s post-debate stumbles into controversy, will ensure Clinton carries that lead into the weekend when the major polling outlets begin unveiling their latest numbers.

“Clearly and not surprisingly she’s getting a little kick,” said pollster John Zogby. “But it’s only a little kick so far and it’s not clear yet that there’s a bigger bump to be had.”

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Clinton Gets 'Little Kick' in Post-Debate Polls
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