Flyweight contender Ian McCall seemed to finally gotten over his bad luck when he made weight and was present for the ceremonial weigh-ins prior to his fight against UFC newcomer Jarred Brooks for UFC 208.

McCall, who had missed four consecutive fights for varying reasons between his own illnesses and his opponents pulling out, seemed ready to go for his fight against Brooks until the day of the fight. Early on fight day it was announced that McCall became ill and was taken to the hospital which led to the UFC removing him from the card.

McCall, also known as “Uncle Creepy,” spoke in detail about what took place during the unfortunate situation at UFC 208, while he was a guest on Joe Rogan’s Fight Companion podcast for UFC Halifax. Heading into the fight, McCall stated that he had the best weight cut of his career until he fell ill and it became scary.

“I’ve never made weight that easy in my entire career. You ask anybody, usually you stop drinking water 24 hours out from weigh-ins. I cut weight Thursday night and it was going so well that I had five glasses of ice water throughout the night. So then I figured I could eat a little bit. So I tried to eat a little bit of salad and I threw that up. But I figured that was just the dressing or something messing my stomach up. So I had at least a cup of almonds, about five cups of water, I cut the rest in the morning and then when I was trying to gain weight back my body wouldn’t. I couldn’t hold on to anything. I kept throwing up everything…

The situation became worse the next day as McCall stated that he was throwing up every time he was around the rest of the competing fighters in public.

“By the next morning, I had still only gained five pounds. Everything I tried to eat, I threw up. And I was throwing up in front of all the other fighters. Every single chance we ended up having to be in a group in public, I ended up (expletive) throwing up.”

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There has been no word on if or when McCall could be rescheduled for a return to the Octagon.

Source : http://fansided.com/2017/02/21/ian-mccall-says-body-failed-prior-ufc-208/

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