JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Sixty people have been arrested and some are still wanted in a 4-month drug investigation in the city's Oceanway area, the Jacksonville sheriff announced Thursday afternoon. 

Sheriff Mike Williams held a news conference to reveal the results of "Lockdown in O-Town," a targeted street-level narcotics operation that was sparked by complaints from residents in the Northside neighborhood. 

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The investigation branched out into four areas, and undercover detectives spent months staying at hotels on Dunn Avenue, working to build relationships with known drug dealers in Oceanway.

Detectives seized methamphetamine, power cocaine, crack cocaine, heroin, prescription pills and marijuana during the bust, the sheriff said.

"We were targeting any and all illegal narcotics activity. Heroin gets a lot of attention because it's extremely dangerous with fentanyl mixed in. This is not the same heroin from the 1970s," Williams said. 

During the long-term operation, Williams said, 60 people were arrested on drug charges, cars were seized and four structures were condemned, including one meth lab that was shut down. 

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"Anytime you can remove this many drug dealers is a good take away. (These) people are predators taking advantage of addition," Williams said. "They may cohabitate together with the users. These people were arrested for dealing."

While the sting will not have a huge impact on the flow of narcotics, Williams said, the drugs removed from the streets will dramatically increase the quality of life for the people who live in the neighborhood. 

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'Lockdown in O-Town' nets 60 drug arrests, sheriff says
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